All-in-One HTML to WordPress Migration Service!
Don’t wish to bother about complicated HTML coding when managing your website? Wish to move from static HTML to dynamic WordPress website management software? We will help you do that with ease and with minimum time/effort investment. Our best specialists are eager to handle all the tech nuances of the HTML to WordPress migration process in the shortest time possible!
Key Benefits of HTML to WordPress Migration


Do you already own the HTML-based website and wish to convert it into a simpler and easier-to-manage WordPress project? Would you like to work with the world-popular and full-featured CMS that will boost your website performance? We offer professional all-in-one HTML to WordPress website conversion process, w­­hich will eliminate the need to deal with complex codes and programming nuances. Take a look at the advantages of the website migration process now:

Ease of Use and Website Management


With WordPress, you don’t have to deal with website development hassle as the CMS allows for much simpler and more convenient web design process.

Extensive Integration Options

WordPress comes with a powerful selection of templates and external plugins that are both provided out-of-the-box and are available on the web, integration of which can give your website impressive functionality.

Dynamic Website Pages

As a dynamic web design software, WordPress makes it possible to create pages that are faster to load and easier to manage/customize.

Search Engine Optimization


WordPress is a SEO-friendly platform, which manifests its potential via the integration of powerful SEO plugins. This allows setting up and managing website SEO parameters to make them come up to modern niche trends.

Outstanding Design

WordPress provides more design customization freedom that lets you create truly outstanding design. Even though, a bit of HTML knowledge is required when working with WordPress, the process of website editing is still less complicated and time-taking.

eCommerce Options

If you have an idea to set up a full-featured web store, you will encounter multiple problems, when working with HTML. WordPress, in its turn, makes it possible to launch and set up an eCommerce website with a few clicks only.


Years of Experience





Websites Transferred

Why Choose Us?

We are a team of experts, who ensure full-scale support on all the stages of the website conversion process. We will help you move your project from HTML to WordPress with all the must-have assets, content and entities preserved.

Individual Approach

We apply individual approach to each and every client, assigning a personal assistant, who will take care of your project conversion from the very beginning to the end. This person will be accessible when you need for professional consultations and further website management support.

Team of Experts

We employ a professional team of experts, who will gladly help you with moving your website from static HTML to dynamic WordPress. Providing fruitful cooperation, they make it possible to get the most out of each project that is under transfer.

Affordable Rates

Our professional migration service charges moderate fees for fast and seamless HTML to WordPress website conversion. Our pricing policy is affordable to fit any budget and there are no hidden fees you may accidentally encounter.

Transparent Process

Despite the fact that the process of website migration is carefully completed by web designers, a user still remains in charge of the process. The service makes it possible to individually control all the steps of the website transfer procedure to be able to monitor all the edits and changes made.

Professional Support

We care about the convenience of our clients and, thus, are ready to provide professional support and website maintenance not only during the migration process, but after its completion as well. You are welcome to contact out assistants any time of the day to have your problems and issues resolved on time.

Quality Assurance

We are eager to provide the utmost quality assurance, when it comes to the increase of user satisfaction rate. Go ahead to browse our client testimonials to get more information about the quality of services and credibility of our team in general. This will help you feel on the safe side, when dealing with us.

WordPress is waiting for you!

How It Works

As soon as you file the online request form, our team representatives will get in touch with you to provide the full list of services offered. Our best specialists will offer their own website conversion approach based on their experience and professional vision of the entire process. This is when you are able to specify the deadlines, special parameters of your project, duration of the website transfer process, pricing terms and other must-have nuances.

File the Request

The first and the foremost step you should make to order your HTML to WordPress website migration is filing the online request. This doesn’t cost you anything at all as the process is absolutely free for everyone. Our team will review your request to get in touch with you shortly. It usually takes around 24 hours to review the online form and come up with the most suitable solution.

Website Migration Process

As soon as we review all the details and special parameters of your HTML website, we will discuss all the nuances of the conversion process with you to initiate the migration procedure. There is no need to make the initial payment as you’ll be able to watch the result and pay for it upon the completion of the project.

End of the Transfer Process

After the website conversion process is successfully completed, you are welcome to check the way your website looks and functions. If everything is ok and you are completely satisfied with the result, you are welcome to make the first part of the payment based on the terms discussed in advance.

Website Deployment

This is the final stage of the website migration process. To get your website ready for further deployment, you should check the correctness of your domain connection as well as readiness of your website content for publication. As soon as you make sure everything is ready, you make the second part of the payment to be ready to enjoy the result.
Customer Testimonials
I started my career as an event photographer several years ago and I needed a website to present my creativity to the public and grow my client base. As far as I’m not a web design expert, I ordered it from the web studio, but I soon had regrets about that mainly because I had to turn for their help each time I need to update the project. That was really inconvenient and that’s exactly why I decided to move my website to WordPress. The guys from HTMLtoWordPress.Pro really helped me a lot with my project transfer and I’m absolutely satisfied with the result right now.
My special thanks goes to HTMLtoWordPress.Pro, which helped me with my website migration a lot. To be precise, they did everything for me as I’m not competent in the niche at all. My first website was HTML-based, but it was really too complicated. That’s why, I decided to switch to WordPress. Definitely recommend them to everyone, who has the same goals and aspirations as I do.
Professional team, reliable support and fast website migration. That’s what I liked most about the guys from HTMLtoWordPress.Pro. They did not only help me with my website transfer, but also provided further website support. That’s handy and convenient, indeed!
Frequently Asked Questions

1. General Questions


What does the term “all-in-one website migration” imply?
The term implies that your HTML website will be fully transferred to WordPress CMS, including its design, content (articles, videos, media files, images) as well as domain name and other must-have elements. 


What differs an HTML website from that launched with WordPress?
Both HTML and WordPress are used to build websites. The difference is that HTML websites are static as they are launched using a special programming language. You won’t be able to start a website without this knowledge or assistance of professional web designers. WordPress, in its turn, is a CMS, which allows creating and managing websites in a user-friendly manner. The software does not require any HTML knowledge, offering convenient web design process that results in the development of dynamic web pages.


It is possible to somehow modify my website, while moving it to WordPress?
Yes, our team experts are professional enough to make the edits, updates and modifications you need for your project. Just make sure to enlist your preferences and requirements, while filling out the online request to let the assistants know about your expectations.


Can I discuss the nuances of the website migration process in advance?
Definitely, yes. You are welcome to get in touch with our team of developers in advance to discuss all the website-related issues in details and notify them about your preferences before they start working on your project transfer.


How much time does it take to cope with website migration?
The process of moving your HTML website to WordPress generally takes around 5-7 days depending upon the size and complexity of the project as well as your individual requirements and deadlines. Each case is independently discussed with a client before the start of the website transfer process.


Can I transfer a website on my own?
Definitely, yes. There is nothing complicated about the website migration process. However, you should realize that the procedure of website migration requires specific skills and complex approach. There are multiple nuances to consider on each stage of the website migration process to create and then manage a full-featured WordPress website. There are multiple tutorials and detailed instructions about HTML to WordPress migration, where you can find out information you are interested in. If you feel that you will cope with the procedure on your own, go ahead to do that.



2. Technical Issues


What steps does the website transfer process involve?
As listed above, the process of converting an HTML website into WordPress includes several must-have steps. To start with, you have to fill out the online request and wait until the system developers get in touch with you to discuss the details and other related nuances. As soon as all the details are handled, the assigned specialist will start the transfer process. Upon the completion of the process, you will check your website performance to be able to make the payment. What’s important, our professionals will keep working on further website maintenance and support after the migration process is over to make sure your new project functions properly.


Do you have to create new website design or you use the current website version?
We use the available WordPress templates to create customized website design that comes up to your website specialization and topic. You can also pick any template you like and we will gladly transfer your website to it.


Does the website conversion process imply plugin integration?
We can use multiple WordPress plugins and add-ons to boost your current website performance. However, we always discuss the choice of the plugins with our clients as this choice mostly depends upon the degree of website functionality and performance you expect to avail in the long run. What you can be sure about is that all the plugins and add-ons we use are safe, verified and tested by the experts working for the service.


What about the website load speed and performance after the migration process?
The process of website migration won’t have negative impact upon your website load speed and performance. This mainly depends upon the hosting you use. If you are not satisfied with current hosting terms and parameters, we will help you choose the one that will work best for your WordPress website.


What about further website maintenance?
As listed above, our experts will keep supporting your website performance upon the completion of the website transfer process to make sure your visitors get the best web browsing experience. If you wish to avail further website support, the issue is discussed with your personal assistant in each individual case.



3. Pricing Policy

How is the payment made?
You don’t have to make the whole payment at once. At first, you need to discuss the cost of your website migration process based on the parameters of your project. The final payment is made, when the entire project is ready. 


What payment options do you offer?
We accept different types of payments. The best solution is discussed with each client independently and it always depends upon multiple factors. These include the complexity of the project, the number of web pages that have to be transferred, project type, deadlines and many more. 

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